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BigBlu has rebranded to Brdy. We connect everyone.

Post Sale Support

How can I get help?

You can get help with your service by contacting Brdy support:

How will Brdy help me with my service?

Brdy will ensure that the Network Termination Device (NTD, or Modem) for your broadband service is online and can connect to the Internet.

Brdy will ensure that any Brdy supplied broadband equipment (routers, etc.) is correctly configured to connect to the Internet.

Brdy will help to source the nature and responsible part for routing/connection issues to specific Internet sites/domains. Most of these sites/domains won’t be within Brdy’s control, but we’ll make enquiries/requests for assistance on your behalf.

Once you’re connected to a site, Brdy cannot help you with the content of the site or application. Please use the relevant Help/Support links on that site.

Brdy may be able to assist you with other technical matters (if time permits), or maybe able to point you to other sources of information or support.

How long will support be available for my service?

Brdy will provide support for your broadband services while you continue to obtain the relevant services from Brdy.

All equipment supplied by Brdy will be supported while you continue to obtain the relevant broadband services from Brdy (warranty conditions apply for replacements/repairs).


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